lunes, 20 de marzo de 2006

FDC ~ Floppy Disk Controller ??

I'm having a problem with my computer startup. When the computer boots it stops saying FDC error, press F1 to continue. I get that it means Floppy Disc Controller error, but the funny thing is I don't even have a floppy disc drive. I have a feeling that this might be some deeper problem. Does anyone know what might be causing this?



Yes- FDC = Floppy Drive Controller. The error might just be a result of your not having a floppy drive attached to the motherboard controller. Since there is no floppy drive installed, try going into your system's BIOS setup and disabling the floppy-related settings. Just disabling the "Floppy seek on bootup" option (if present) might be enough.



The other colleague replies the best solution but let me add you some caution. Do you have plugged a floopy data cable in the mother board while you don't have a floppy drive? Remove it if you have plugged it.

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